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Long Intrigued by the Possibility of a Legal Career, Amanda Richie Decided to Launch a Career in Policy with a Master of Legal Studies Degree

McGeorge’s MSL Program Helped This Graduate Pursue Policy Work

While interning for a California State Senator, Amanda Richie, MSL ‘18, quickly realized that most of the Sacramento Capitol staff she worked with had earned advanced degrees. 

Amanda, who earned her bachelor’s degree in political science, made a decision that she wanted to pursue a career in policy work. She learned about McGeorge’s Master of Science in Law in Government Law & Policy, attended an informational session, and determined the program was right for her.

“I decided that this was the career path I wanted to follow,” Amanda said, “and I knew that an advanced degree would help me to achieve my goal.” “Additionally, I have always been intrigued by the legal field and at one point was considering a legal career.”   

Amanda chose the Master in Science in Law degree because it gave her the opportunity to learn the law, but with more flexibility and less of a time commitment than earning a Juris Doctor degree. “I was able to tailor my class schedule to courses that most interested me and that would be most relevant to my future career,” she said. “The program gave me the credentials and the skills I needed for my career goals.” 

From Student to Policy Consultant

Now working as a policy consultant, Amanda provides bill analyses for members of the Senate Republican Caucus and their staff. “I use the analytical skills I gained from reading and interpreting case law in McGeorge’s MSL program,” Amanda said. “It’s how I grapple with the nuances of analyzing legislation across several policy areas. The MSL program taught me lawmaking and gave me invaluable legal expertise that I put to work every day at my job to navigate the legislative process.” 

About the Program

McGeorge’s Master in Government Law & Policy degree is a fully online graduate program designed for people interested in a deep dive in government law and policy but who do not need a JD to achieve their career goals. The Master of Science in Law (MSL) is earned through a convenient part-time, online program, specifically designed for students and professionals who need flexibility due to professional or other obligations and who want to further their education and advance their careers.

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