March Webinar

Government Law and You: How an MSL Can Benefit Public Sector Professionals

Join us for a compelling webinar hosted by McGeorge’s Online Master of Science in Law (MSL) program, focusing on the dynamic field of Government Law and Policy. This exclusive session will feature Jamie Taylor, Director of the California Senate Fellows Program and esteemed McGeorge alum, who will share his insights on navigating the complexities of government law and the transformative impact of the MSL degree on public sector careers. Whether you are a current or aspiring professional in the public sector, this webinar promises to offer valuable perspectives on leveraging legal education in government law to enhance your professional trajectory. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert advice, engage in thoughtful discussion, and discover how McGeorge’s MSL program can empower your career in public service.

Duration: 30 minutes of presentation followed by Q&A

March 26th, 2024
12:00 PM Pacific Time

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