May Webinar

The Ripple Effect: How Water Law Shapes Our Environment and Societies with Professor Nicole Kuenzi

Join us on May 22nd for an enlightening webinar featuring Professor Nicole Kuenzi, a seasoned expert in water law and senior staff counsel with the California State Water Resources Control Board. In this session, Professor Kuenzi will unravel the complexities of water law, illustrating its pivotal role in guiding environmental sustainability, governance, and societal welfare. With a rich background, Professor Kuenzi brings unparalleled insights into the dynamic field of water rights law. Prepare to explore a range of engaging topics that confront the emerging challenges in water law and shape our environment and communities. This webinar promises to be an essential journey for anyone interested in understanding the impact of water law on our world.


May 22nd, 2024
12:00 PM Pacific Time

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