MSL Degree

Why Pursue an Online MSL Degree at McGeorge?

MSL Degree

When applying to schools for your Master of Science in Law (MSL) degree, there are many factors to consider. The first is the specialty you want to pursue. If your interest is in government law, public policy, or water or environmental regulations, McGeorge is the place for you.

McGeorge School of Law has consistently been an internationally recognized leader in legal education since its establishment in 1924. The university is located in Sacramento, California, but the school’s online MSL program allows its tradition of excellence to be accessible to everyone—from recent graduates to working professionals. There are many reasons why pursuing an online MSL degree at McGeorge is an excellent choice. Here are our top six reasons:

Gain Expertise in a Particular Area of Law

Master of Science in Law programs allows you to gain knowledge and specialize in a certain area of law without going to law school. An MSL degree differs from a Master of Laws program (LL.M.). Unlike an LL.M., you do not need to possess a Juris Doctor (J.D.) or any other prior law degree to enroll in this program. Obtaining your MSL degree gives you legal experience for a non-lawyer career

McGeorge’s MSL students build marketable expertise for effective use as a non-lawyer. Expert faculty are chosen for their outstanding teaching and their depth of knowledge in government law, public policy, water resources, or environmental law offering insight and guidance. Courses emphasize real-world knowledge and the development of practical skills. 

Increase Career Options

Breaking into certain areas of law can be challenging. Some organizations require experience working in the field. Others want to see that you specialized in that area. If you are not a licensed attorney, many careers in law still require you to have your J.D. However, “many” is not “all” and the need for legal skills in non-lawyer jobs continues to grow. By obtaining your MSL degree, you showcase a deeper knowledge of the field. And, as a result, you can increase your career options.

The school’s network is another consideration for your career. McGeorge has 45 full-time and 50 part-time professors who are nationally and internationally renowned in their fields. There are professors who have held major positions in government, leading law firms, and all segments of the industry, and who impart real-world knowledge to our students. McGeorge also boasts an impressive alumni network that can help current students and recent graduates further their careers. 

Obtain a Promotion

The beauty of an MSL degree at McGeorge is that you can obtain the degree with flexibility. Our fully online MSL degree programs let you take your courses from home, school, or wherever else works for you. Plus, you can enroll in the program as a part-time student, allowing maximum flexibility for working professionals getting their degree. 

As a working professional enhancing their knowledge-base, completing an MSL degree puts you in a strong position to obtain a promotion. The added qualifications can help you grow professionally, immediately, and indefinitely.

Change Fields or Start a Career

Changing your career can feel a lot like a leap of faith, but there are many professionals who accomplish a change or start their career anew. While it might seem intimidating, it can lead to personal and professional happiness. Whether you are coming from a similar career or doing something completely different, getting a degree in the field helps. The program and degree give you a starting point in learning a new field. You also gain experience to put on your resume. An MSL at McGeorge can prepare you for a career change by providing you with knowledge and skills.  You will also gain the confidence to enter and succeed in your new role.

Increase Job Security

Your MSL degree can benefit your career path in different ways, including by increasing your overall job security. Completing McGeorge’s online MSL degree can help you better understand aspects of your job. It can also help you advance your role or shift into something new. Either way, you will see increased job security. Your options are not only opened but solidified. You become more indispensable with the knowledge that the MSL degree program teaches you.

Gain access to Ph.D. and Post-doctoral research programs

You may be in a position where you hope to pursue a Ph.D. in a field related to the MSL program specializations. While a Master’s degree is not required to complete your Ph.D., it can definitely help. Having your MSL can strengthen your application and open up opportunities for Ph.D. and post-doctoral research programs. 


Pursuing your MSL degree at McGeorge has many benefits. Our program is innovative with an interactive curriculum. Reaping the program’s benefits, however, does not restrict you to a campus classroom at McGeorge.  Your degree can be completed with flexibility thanks to the program’s online options. Advancing your professional growth becomes easier with an M.S.L. degree from McGeorge School of Law. Contact our admissions office to find out more.

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