The Online Experience​

The Online Experience​

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McGeorge’s online graduate courses are designed to be flexible, effective, and engaging. They’re built using proven instructional design practices that make it easy for you to learn. Most courses include a mix of prerecorded video lectures and associated readings, plus interactive discussion boards where you engage with faculty and other students. Interactive activities, quizzes, and other assignments let you apply your learning and receive ongoing feedback. McGeorge’s online experience is designed with you in mind.

You access your courses from an intuitive and easy-to-use website. Courses are organized into logical units called modules. Most courses release new modules each Monday and allow one week for completion. The modules contain a mix of materials and activities designed to teach you a particular set of topics. 

Flexibility to Fit Your Schedule

McGeorge online courses are primarily asynchronous, which means you view them when you want to, at a time convenient for your schedule. You complete required activities by an assigned—typically weekly—deadline. Some assignments, such as weekly discussions, may have mid-week deadlines. Some papers or projects may be assigned over several weeks. To facilitate your planning, all deadlines are announced in the syllabus before the start of a course.

Because the courses are designed to provide regular and substantial interaction between faculty and students, you work on one weekly module at a time per course. You progress through the weekly modules with your classmates and engage with them about the material. All students are required to participate in each course on a weekly basis, though you participate on a schedule of your choosing.

Engaging Directly with Faculty

Faculty offer regular live office hours and other opportunities for you to connect directly with them. Faculty may schedule guest speakers or special events on a synchronous basis, which means the event is held live, at a specified time, on a video conference platform. Any mandatory such sessions are announced at the start of each course to allow for proper planning. Online courses may also include occasional live online classes where live attendance is typically encouraged but not required; you can view recordings of the live classes afterward. McGeorge’s courses are designed to give you the best online experience. 

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