Law for Non-lawyers

Law for Non-lawyers: Advance in Your Legal Career without a JD

Obtaining a law degree is a three-year journey that culminates with taking the bar exam in order to become a licensed attorney. The legal field, however, has many opportunities that exist for non-lawyers. Many people don’t want to be lawyers, want to be in the legal field in some way shape, or form, and don’t realize that they don’t need to go through a JD program and bar exam to get there. 

When it comes to working professionals and law for non-lawyers, McGeorge University School of Law is the place to enroll to advance your education and career. We have multiple master of studies in law, MSL, programs that can bring you that much closer to your career goals without needing to obtain a Juris Doctor.

Law for Non-lawyers

Vast Career Options

McGeorge has two online law and graduate degrees:

  1. Water and Environment Law
  2. Government Law and Policy

MSL degrees equip students with the skill set to go into a variety of careers. On top of that, our school of law offers the added bonus of specialization. As a result, each degree lets you gain legal expertise in a particular field. 

For our water and environment law graduates, our graduates go on to become engineers, city planners, and environmental consultants. For those who want to go into government law and policy, there are plenty of opportunities for lobbyists, grassroots advocates, campaign workers, and employees in all levels of government agencies.

Working Within the Law and a Non-Attorney

Learning the intricacies of the law can be like learning a new language. Many careers, especially those mentioned above, work within the law and tackle legal issues regularly. Legal concepts and regulations govern every career. Guidance on how to navigate that system from experts in the field makes achieving your job much more manageable. 

For people working in government law and policy, advocacy to make your community a better place is a consistent goal. Lobbyists work within the nation’s capital to urge politicians to draft and vote for policies that work best for their organization. Fields such as hospitals and nursing homes work to make the healthcare system better for those involved. Other powerhouse industries, such as oil and gas as well as pharmaceuticals, aim to make the legal system work for their corporations. Campaign workers, grassroots advocates, and politicians all actively work to get people in office or campaigns moving that will positively affect their community. While none of these professions involve the practice of law, the legal system, laws, and regulations guide their day-to-day life.

The same can be said for those in the environmental field. We live in a time of continuously expanding technology and revelations of our ever-expanding footprint. With climate change at the forefront of needed action, a master’s degree in water and environmental law lets students stay up-to-date with the compliance and pressing problems surrounding real estate. Our legal studies programs give our graduates the tools to either go into government and policy under the environmental umbrella or work to enact change in other ways. They change waste management, doctrine, and planning for government agencies by understanding legislation, lawmaking, and leadership. All of these skills and knowledge come from our certificate program. 

Flexibility and Freedom in McGeorge’s MSL

When it comes to education, choosing what works best for you and your dream career is how students stay invested and receive a return on that investment. An MSL program offers people the freedom to work in so many fields within the law without becoming an attorney. 

In addition to having specialized MSL programs, McGeorge also offers additional flexibility in our program. It is a completely online program that students complete asynchronously and part-time. At the same time, all of our resources are ready and available, as well as our extensive network. We have experts in the field teaching our courses. Students are able to advance their careers without sacrificing any personal or professional obligations they might have prior. Our MSL program tailors to both recent graduates and working professionals. We have a tradition of excellence that is offered to everyone. 

If you’re looking to advance your career in a program that aims to cater to and support its students, look no further. Contact the admissions office at McGeorge today, begging your application, and get started.

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