Practical Legal Training

Why McGeorge is One of the Best Schools for Practical Legal Training

Books and classes aren’t everything. While it is important to obtain certain degrees if you go into specialized fields, you don’t learn everything you need for your career in the classroom. It is why doctors must complete residency programs in addition to passing their board exams, and it is why lawyers work in clinics and internships before taking the bar. Skills that you develop as an attorney, such as negotiation, cross-examination, and client interaction are skills that you can only obtain through doing. 

What is Practical Legal Training?

You might be wondering exactly what this practical legal training entails. Simply put, it is the chance to apply skills learned in class to unique, real-world lawyering situations. Students get the ability to simulate real client representation. Classes involving advocacy, policymaking, negotiations, and lobbying prepare you for situations you’ll encounter in your career.

Practical legal training is important because it helps new lawyers navigate the legal landscape better. When working with or against attorneys with more experience, the skills honed in law school let you keep up with colleagues and adversaries in the real world.

Practical Legal Training

How McGeorge Stands Out

McGeorge has long been a leader in teaching practical lawyering skills, dating back to 1964. This was when our first clinics opened, giving students real-world experience before graduation. Our online graduate programs extend this tradition and method of instruction, promoting the integration of legal theory with in-demand, marketable skills.

Here is a glimpse at some of the courses we offer: 

  • Persuasive Public Speaking: This online course introduces students to the many aspects of persuasive public speaking, including content, word choice, and delivery. Students develop public speaking confidence by practicing their skills and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Negotiations: This course examines the theoretical, ethical, and practical skills essential to being an effective advocate in negotiations involving legal disputes. Students learn negotiation skills through lecture, discussion, video simulations, and extensive interactive exercises and role-plays. 
  • Legislatures & Lawmaking: The course provides opportunities for the development of practical skills such as drafting statutory language, preparing and assessing bill analyses, commenting on legislation, and participating in the legislative process.
  • Leadership in Organizations: This course explores skills necessary for professional competency and excellence in twenty-first-century organizations. Working in and with public agencies is emphasized. Topics covered may include teams in organizations, cross-cultural dynamics, professional work product and communications, and professional ethics. Focus is given to case studies and practical exercises.
  • Government Law & Policymaking: This course introduces students to the lawyer’s role in developing, modifying, implementing, advocating, and influencing public policy. Students learn policy analysis; the strategic implications associated with the various venues and processes; research using a variety of sources and practice applying course knowledge and skills to important public policy matters of the day.

The focus of each of these courses is its applicability to the workforce and situations students may encounter as parts of their jobs. We empower our students not only with knowledge, but the actionable skills for the various legal environments they will work in. 

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In addition to preparing our students for their careers on a practical level, our LLM and MSL programs are online and asynchronous, giving our students the gift of flexibility. They can complete the program part-time and on their own time, so that if there are any other professional or personal obligations to attend to, their education doesn’t need to be put on hold. McGeorge is here to continue our tradition of excellence, while simultaneously options for working professionals. We are here to and utilizing and making the most of the technological age we live in. It’s the best of everything we have to offer. 

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