Post-LLM Career Opportunities

Opening the Door to Post-LLM Career Opportunities

Post-LLM Career Opportunities

Earning a degree from McGeorge opens the door to endless Post-LLM career opportunities. A Master of Laws, or LLM degree, enables specialization in a particular area of law. At McGeorge School of Law, we offer a water and environmental law LLM programImagine that you seek an LLM degree at McGeorge. What are the benefits? Specialization provides opportunities whether you seek to develop your expertise in an existing position, to contribute meaningfully to complex law and policy development, or to become a more desirable candidate for employment. The LLM is structured to help you achieve your career goals.  

About McGeorge School of Law’s LLM Degree

Our Water and Environmental Law Program provides an opportunity for seasoned attorneys, recent law school graduates, or foreign-educated legal professionals to develop depth of knowledge in specific areas of law, including environmental, water resources, regulatory compliance, or public agency law. 

The LLM program has course options such as, for example, administrative law, legislatures and lawmaking, international water resources law, water and environmental justice, environmental law, election law, lobbying, and water resources law. There are also opportunities for focused research and analysis one-on-one with a faculty member, potentially developing a publishable work product. The LLM provides the opportunity to develop substantive knowledge by diving deep into a particular issue area. You can also hone skills in research, analysis, and problem-solving in that particular issue area. Knowledge and skills are tailored to be beneficial to your future desired law and policy work. As an added benefit, the program is flexible and online. The program’s design makes it easier for students from diverse circumstances to complete this part of their education. 

Advancing Your Career

An LLM degree can prove beneficial for new attorneys, and for seasoned practitioners with established careers. LLM programs are also a particularly good option for individuals who find themselves wanting to switch gears and practice a different area of law. 

During an LLM program, your expertise will grow, either within an area of law familiar to you or in a new area of law you find exciting. At McGeorge, your depth of knowledge will expand in specialized areas such as, for example, endangered species law, water permitting, public agency finance, climate change, water justice, and renewable energy. Your increased knowledge and specialization will distinguish you from others and help advance your career. 

Opportunities in the California State Capital

At McGeorge, not only will you gain the required knowledge to specialize in an area of law, but you will also gain access to a network that is critical for growing your career. Our online LLM students will have McGeorge’s faculty, alumni, and professional networks at your disposal. You can pursue networking opportunities with faculty and experts in the area of water and environmental law. Additionally, you will collaborate with other students who practice and work in this field of study. 

McGeorge is located in Sacramento, California, the state’s capital, and the heart of politics and policy for the world’s fifth largest economy. Sacramento is also the home to numerous state and local agencies. If you already work in the region or are considering a move, the location and McGeorge’s rich networks are ideal for networking and future job opportunities. The California State Capitol is no doubt the heart of where policy change occurs in California. If you are seeking to make that kind of impact, Sacramento is a great place to start. Other than working as an attorney, you could become a policy or legislative consultant or analyst, a lobbyist, policy writer, or work closely with state and local agencies, or legislators. In a field where laws aid environmental  causes, this allows you to hold space for impact. 

Get Started Today

Whether you are starting your career anew or want to dig deeper into what you already do, an LLM degree is the right move. It opens up opportunities after you graduate as someone with an advanced degree. 

McGeorge School of Law provides not only an excellent education with top-notch faculty, but our location puts students at the center of practical experience. Even though classes are online, you are still able to utilize McGeorge’s location to your advantage. 

So, in the end, what could happen after you graduate with your LLM degree? That’s easy. You’ll enter the next exciting chapter in your professional life. Contact our admissions office today to get started.

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