Online LLM Degree

What Can You Do With An Online LLM Degree?

Online LLM DegreeA Master of Laws LLM, or LLM degree, allows you to specialize in a certain field of law after obtaining your Juris Doctor. Our online LLM degree builds on your JD training to help expand your depth of knowledge, develop new skills, and advance your career.

LLM programs were created for lawyers to deepen their knowledge and study a specialized area of law. If you received your initial law degree from a country outside of the United States or Canada, getting your LLM also lets you gain international qualifications. 

McGeorge School of Law offers online graduate programs, including an online LLM program. Being able to get your LLM degree online lets you structure your education around your life, while also providing an opportunity for substantial engagement with faculty and classmates.

What fields can you study as an LLM student at McGeorge?

There are many possible areas of focus for LLM degrees. McGeorge School of Law offers an online LLM program in Water and Environmental Law. Students can specialize in various areas of environmental, water resources, regulatory compliance, or public agency law. 

The LLM program in Water and Environmental Law at McGeorge provides students with the opportunity to learn from a distinguished faculty and program team as well as from panels of experts who are focused on water and environmental law.  Students experience a robust program of education that provides practical as well as theoretical training, learn from acclaimed professionals in the field, and enjoy regular opportunities to interact with expert faculty, classmates, and colleagues.

Why the LLM Online Program?

The online master of laws at McGeorge provides the opportunity for a fully online course of study. You can obtain your LLM before or after you take the California bar exam. Students are able to study on a schedule that works for them on a weekly basis. Whether you are a working professional or whether you have other commitments that preclude in-person attendance, the online program provides the opportunity to integrate coursework into your life in a manageable way. 

The online courses are asynchronous. This means that students are not required to be in the same place, at the same time. The courses are taught in modules with weekly deadlines, allowing more flexibility than a traditional synchronous course that requires students to tune in at the same time every week. At the same time, each course provides optional opportunities for students to meet with their professors in real-time, either in-office hours or, in some courses, some optional live virtual class meetings.

The online nature of the LLM program offers quality comparable to an in-person program of study. Students in the online program are full McGeorge students, with access to the same resources such as career services and library resources. Also, students are able to interact regularly with faculty, classmates, and McGeorge staff.

Students are invited to participate in virtual events and interact with virtual guest speakers. Students have the opportunity to research in their field and to seek publication, with the guidance of expert faculty. Whether you are new to water and environmental law or working in the field already, our online LLM degree lets you develop new areas of expertise and new practical skills that will support your personal and professional goals. 

Why McGeorge School of Law?

The McGeorge School of Law offers multiple distinct benefits to its students. McGeorge School of Law’s government law program is ranked No. 3 in the nation by preLaw Magazine, rising eight spots from last year’s No. 11 ranking. This government law expertise supports McGeorge’s water and environmental law curriculum, as water and environmental law is deeply connected to public agency law. McGeorge’s faculty are leaders in water and environmental law, an area in which the school has a significant alumni network and a rich diversity of connections to the Capitol as well as local, state, and federal agencies. 

McGeorge was recognized for being a leader in legal education by the National Jurist, with the LLM in Water and Environmental Law, making the Honor Roll for 2021-2022. McGeorge’s degrees in water and environmental law give students a real-world education with the hands-on experience to help them contribute to policies that facilitate both thriving ecosystems and a safe, reliable water supply for every person.

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